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  Pterodactyls for sale!   Fossils!  Dinosaurs !

These Fossil's are from California Pterodactyl Fossil's 50-144 MYA Collectors Private Party Sale ! Make Offer!
Pterodactyl Fossil Pterasaur Egg

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These Fossils Are Formed By Volcanic Activity Brought On By Meteorites Impacting The California Coastline Millions Of Years Ago. When The Impacts Hit The Coastline, Sand And Sea Shells Where Subsiquintly Deposited Inland , Forty Feet Of Sand In Some Area's! Basicly Cooking These Fossil's Before They Could Change There Facial Expressions! These fossils are also from the Franciscan formation.

There Are More Than Ten Heads On The Ramphamorph Nest Piece! Named Ramphamorph Obviously For The Funny Snorkle "Gill Ram" On The Right Side Of Their Head's For Breathing under water while chasing pre-historic salmon. The Hatchlings Have Tails, That Have Detail Better Then Any Other I Have Ever Seen. On The Under Side Is Mom, An Egg And A Little Baby That has It's Eye Open !Bottom Row Middle jpg. This Fossil provides endless study oppertunity. I'm Asking $100,000. O.B.O.

The Pterodactyl Upper Row Middle Has Different Toes More Like A Claw And His Tail Is A Little Different, He is also Holding His Mom's Eyebrow As Well As Half Of A Prehistoric Mouse! It Look's Like This Pterodactyl Earns His Name! $100,000. O.B.O

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